5 of London’s most Instagrammable Restaurants!

Okay, let’s admit it. No one eats out anymore without even the slightest intention to get a sneaky Instagram shot to give their page the right aesthetic. When eating out these days, it’s less about the ambience, it’s less about the taste of the food- it’s 2018, it’s about the Instagram shot, right? Social media provides restaurants and cafes with the most powerful marketing tool that they can utilise- and, best of all, it’s free for them! Providing they have unique and stylish decor, along with excellent presentation, the Instagram likes and shares will speak for themselves, spreading the word about the business and in turn, bringing in more Instagram fiends looking to get their own photo, filtered to perfection, of course! It’s simple- the better looking the restaurant and the food is, the more photos are shared on social media so therefore, the more people are likely to want to visit.


Here’s a few of our fav Instagrammable places in London:


Bourne and Hollingsworth

Bourne and Hollingworth

Okay one word- foliage! Foliage everywhere! That, paired with the array of vintage style individual furniture pieces and white walls is exactly why Bourne and Hollingsworth is a hot spot for Instagrammers looking to get an arty shot of their brunch to whack a filter on and watch the likes flood in. Plus, if the abundance of greenery and flowers wasn’t enough for you, the food is just as aesthetically pleasing as the decor here. We’d be super surprised if the photos showing off this stylish and chic London spot aren’t enough to make you want to visit for yourself!


Palm Vaults

Palm Vaults London

Think retro, think vintage, think Miami vibes… Think pink! A combination of marble tabletops, pastel pink accents, plus a rather photogenic array of greenery and plants means this Cafe is Instagrammable even without the food! The quirky look of this Cafe with it’s signature baby pink and leaf print theme means that the abundance of photo shares is one of the prime driving forces behind getting more people through the door, desperate for their own Instagram shot. Plus, the food is a bonus for the photos. Colourful, quirky dishes make for the perfect flat lay, don’t you think? Everybody’s a sucker for a good Instagram post, so if it’s got a cool vibe we’re there, right?




Okay, again, think PINK! We think it would be pretty much impossible to visit Sketch and not spend the majority of your meal taking Instagram photos! And judging by the amount of photos we’ve seen from you guys, we’re right! The opulent marshmallow-like pink velvet sofas along with the playful, retro vibe of the interior will have you reaching for your phone throughout your visit! Plus, the famous egg pod toilets here are equally as Instagrammed as the main restaurant! Forget the food, we want to see the garish pink sofas and egg pod toilets!



Lima London

They say that thoughtful presentation leads to a more enjoyable meal. If that’s the case, then a meal at Lima will definitely not disappoint! Serving some of the most aesthetically pleasing food we’ve ever seen, it’s definitely #TooPrettyToEat, and there’s no wonder why Lima’s food is shared on Instagram so often. Think bright colours, inventive presentation and unusual dishes- perfect for an Instagram post, right? The amount of photos of Lima’s food speaks for itself, encouraging more and more social media enthusiasts pay a visit for their share of the action!

Aqua Shard


We’re not sure which we prefer, the stunning presentation of the food here or the incredible views of London. Either way, the combination of both means that Aqua Shard is the perfect Instagrammable location! We’d definitely rather our food go cold than miss getting the perfect photo here to make all our followers super jel! Wouldn’t you?


So, which was your favourite? With our Instagram feeds getting more and more crowded with photogenic food pictures, it’s important for restaurants, bars and cafes to utilise social media platforms in order to stand out from the crowd and give them a competitive edge over similar destinations. Find out how social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can work for your business by working in partnership with Really Social Media.

Author: Lauren Watchorn