Get more customers, pay zero commission & save time - Press Release

Using chatbots from Really Social changed the way I look at bookings in my restaurant

– Diana – Owner of Flame, Peterborough

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Get more customers and pay zero commission on online bookings & takeaway orders through Facebook Messenger! 

It’s no secret that online takeaway platforms aren’t the cheapest, or even the best, places to put your restaurant or takeaway on show; although you might be mistaken in thinking that there’s no wallet-friendly alternative…

Welcome to Really Social, not only a social media marketing agency to the hospitality industry, but a technology and software provider to help make your life, as a restaurateur, much easier.

Takeaway Chatbot process Really Social

 We are proud to launch our latest innovation, the social media booking and ordering chatbot- which is, in essence, a table booking and takeaway ordering platform run completely autonomously via Facebook Messenger. This new feature will help streamline your social media marketing and booking/ordering functionality to create higher efficiency in the customer journey and ultimately a higher conversion rate.

 Through starting a Facebook Messenger chat, the customer will be given a menu of options, starting with whether they would like to book a table or order a takeaway from your establishment. From then on the chatbot will cover all relevant questions in order to complete the booking/order, including collecting the user’s contact information - you will then own this information, unlike common practice when using third party platforms. The only interaction the restaurant owner/ manager will need in the entire process is to accept or deny the booking, which will appear as a push notification through the Really Social app – so you can’t miss it!

Furthermore, if your restaurant opts to use the takeaway ordering chatbot, it is possible to provide a printer* so that all orders can be automatically sent directly to the kitchen to be fulfilled.

social media takeaway and booking chatbot

 We can also help increase traffic to the messenger feature with the use of sponsored social media ads, which will target specific demographics in your local area to ensure that you are being seen by the right people, and that we are working as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Diana, of Flame Peterborough - one of the first booking chatbot users, said “This has saved me a lot of time and I would definitely recommend it to any business. It’s so easy to use, all you have to do is confirm the booking on your Really Social app!”

So if you’re ready to own your customers, save time, and increase efficiency, give Really Social a call today!

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*printers available for an additional fee