Is traditional best or can social media bag best results for restaurants?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it... The old ways are the best... It’s got a proven track record...

How many times have we heard these phrases? And to a degree, they can be correct, but we also need to adjust to the changing landscape around us and the ever-evolving world that we live in. 

Marketing isn’t just a stab in the dark to throw money at anymore, we can be a lot more specific and gain much more valuable insights into what we are doing. Marketing a business well is an artform that can lead to more customers, higher profits and a better reputation, so what’s best to market your restaurant, the trusty traditional marketing methods or the wide world of digital and social media?

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional Marketing Really Social

Traditional marketing comprises of classical methods that generally wouldn’t appear on a computer screen… Things such as flyers, newspaper ads, radio ads etc, that have been the cornerstone of small business marketing for generations. These can often come at a premium price but can be difficult to track results.

What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing

Modern marketing methods that are an evolution and extension of traditional marketing… Things such as social media, blogs, email marketing and display marketing on websites.

Higher efficiency

Using digital marketing, specifically social media, we can near enough pinpoint our campaigns to reach exactly who we want, where we want, when we want - meaning that it is an increasingly efficient and precise way to reach potential customers whilst almost eliminating the guess-work element.

More engagement

By using social media we not only have the opportunity to engage with our current fans, but we can target potential new customers at the same time! Killing two birds with one stone, we now have a larger and more loyal fanbase that we can create a dialogue with. Traditional marketing methods simply do not provide the facilities to build a rapport and create valuable interactions that the online aspects offer, especially when you look at the fact that there are 1.19 billion Facebook users that you can pick and choose between to target your campaigns!

Social media photo

It’s instant!

A further benefit to the use of social media is that it is in real-time. You’re able to push specials, competitions, and promotions instantly, whilst having the option to amend, update, or cancel adverts at the click of a button. Not only this, but your followers can also share what you do instantly, so your message can spread whenever you want, rather than when your local paper lands in shops! This versatility is something  that print advertising just can’t match.

Easily measurable

Measuring the effectiveness, and value, or a campaign is crucial to ensure that you are getting the best possible return on investment. With the local paper, you may know the general readership, but how many people actually opened it and saw your ad, or how many people held onto that flyer rather than dropping it straight into the trash? How many of the website hits you received that week were directly attributed to that ad? You’ll never know! Whereas through digital marketing, we can use tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, amongst others, to see an incredible range of information about those that have visited us down to their age, gender, and location!

We can also measure how effective our spend has been, whether the money put in has yielded a positive return, looking at things like click through rates and conversion rates - this can also help us to plan future campaigns by finding patterns in successful and unsuccessful campaigns.

Why is digital marketing a stronger option for restaurants than the traditional alternatives?

We have mentioned the more generic arguments for digital marketing but there’s a whole raft of reasons why social media and digital marketing has the upper hand when it comes to marketing to your customers locally for restaurants. The versatile and relatively low-cost approach of social media marketing is perfect for individuals or location-based chains, alongside the high opportunity for engagement and creating a loyal following!

How you can take advantage of the evolution of restaurant marketing with Really Social…

With Really Social, you can grow your following, create engagement with quality content, keep customers informed, and grow your online reputation, all through the power of social media.

The growing relationship on social media then brings the opportunity to utilise our new chatbot technology, those same customers can now book a table or order a takeaway directly through Facebook Messenger, removing barriers to them purchasing from you!

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