It's not a Trap! Where to find the best food and drink on May 4th

We’ll keep this one short and sweet, we won’t be running rings around you to give you the low down on where to spend your dough this 4th of May!


That’s right, the 4th of May isn’t just any old day, it has become fondly known as Star Wars Day, so May the 4th be with us (sorry, we had to, if you doughnut like puns I’d stop here!) as we show you some of our favourite Star Wars themed snacks. Obviously, there’s no better way to celebrate the day than a doughnut, worry not though, they aren’t from a galaxy far far away, you can find them right here in the UK! 

Founded in Nottingham, with branches in Leicester and Derby, Doughnotts aren’t your average Doughnut shop. With an ever-changing array of toppings and flavour combinations it’s no surprise that a Stars Wars selection has popped up!

Doughnotts haven’t just provided us with a solitary Solo creation, oh no, they’ve gone the extra parsec and treated us to 4 different options to choose from. ‘I’ve got a bad feeling about this’ I hear you say, well you shouldn’t, they’ve even made sure that they’re vegan-friendly so that we can all celebrate the day!

Tasty one you are! Yes, the quartet include a Yoda ring doughnut, an Oreo inspired Princess Leia, a Chewbacca tribute to the late Peter Mayhew, and a trip to the dark side with a Storm trooper helmet. Hmmm the temptation is strong with this one!

Not based in the midlands? Don’t worry; a treat has landed in London courtesy of Aussie expats Doughnut Time

The architects behind such creations as the Bellatwix Lestrange and Stranger Rings, Doughnut Time aren’t afraid of taking on the Hollywood blockbusters. For May 4th they offer us the ever-present ‘Hans Rolo’ and the special ‘From a galaxy far far away’, one a gooey and rich cocktail of chocolate and toffee, the other a galaxy cream glazed ring doughnut emblazoned with star sprinkles, Milky Way chunks, Magic Stars and Galaxy Caramel pieces. We’ve not tried this one but it looks out of this world!


Brewbabu, Oundle

Brewbabu, Oundle

Doughnuts not your cup of tea? 

You can grab a Star Wars decorated cappuccino at Brewbabu in Oundle, near Peterborough. Searching for something a little stronger? Visit Nottingham’s Overdraught to catch a glimpse of their giant death star, or stroll just down the road to the Organ Grinder where you’ll be able to grab Wookiee Juice on tap at their May 4th beer festival! 

Head further North to Manchester and visit the world famous Cantina Space Bar. Inspired by the Mos Eisley Cantina, you too can live the life of a starfighter pilot and enjoy Bantha Milk cocktails in your very own corner of Tatooine. With an interior fit for Princess Leia herself, and welcoming everyone from Wookiees to Tusken Raiders, this really is the place to be!


Know a café selling Jar Jar drinks or C3Pdough? A fast food joint serving up Nien Nunb Bao Buns or some funky cocktails at the Admiral AckBAR? Let us know in the comments below!


Your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them, go and find yourself some Star Wars snacks and tag us @getreallysocial on Instagram, let’s just hope they’re not too Chewy!
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Have a great Star Wars Day!

Author: Nathan Pound