Prévost - Classical British Fine Dining

Really Social Prevost

Packages Include:

content, website, response, email, photo & video shoots

started working with Reallysocial:

January 2019

Growth since working with Reallysocial:

10% like-for-like sales growth

AVG. Email open rate:

44% Open Rate with 13% Click Through Rate
(vs. Industry Avg. 20.26% Opens and 1.06% Clicks)

We have seen an increase of just over 10% in like-for-like sales* during a difficult trading period!
— Lee Clarke, Chef Patron

Based in the heart of Peterborough, on London’s commuter belt, Prévost is at the pinnacle of the city’s fine dining scene with recognition from Michelin, Harden’s and the Good Food Guide. Having worked together since the start of 2019, with the main aim to increase business and profitability, Prévost have already seen fantastic results from an array of different restaurant marketing methods employed by us on their behalf.

At a time when online media can be a restaurant’s shop window, Prévost have not only taken on the core social media marketing content package, but they have also chosen to use our web design, response, video and photo shoot, and email marketing packages- the combination of these has wielded improved footfall and helped with growing the brand and its image in the local area.

Really social media prevost

When choosing our website package, the objective, simply put, was to create a website that reflects the restaurant's sleek and stylish branding, whilst being both minimalist and functional. This included features such as a booking portal and the integration of an eCommerce page for gift vouchers and experiences run by the restaurant (which made 3 high value voucher sales within the first week of going live), to allow for a seamless experience from booking to dining.

website prevost - really social

Speaking of the newly designed website, Lee Clarke, Prévost’s Chef Patron, said…

“Features like the message box on the new website work fantastically, it’s probably the biggest thing other than social media that is drawing quality engagement with customers.” Lee continued, “It’s not just the quality of the big projects, it’s the time they save us by creating all of our social media content and being able to use the app to approve it all”.

Furthermore, Prévost tasked us with a brand new promotional video and photoshoot, which were shot and edited by the ReallySocial expert in-house photographer- the results can be seen below…


In addition to these features, we have run both social media competitions and email campaigns for Prévost, with fantastic results coming from both avenues. Email campaigns can involve specific event announcements or new menus, which enable customers to plan their next visits accordingly, and competitions have been a great way to drive engagement and visibility through social channels.

Putting all of the digital and technological know-how aside, Lee highlighted that other than the proven results, it is the “exceptional customer service” and the fact that there is always somebody at the other end of the phone, who will be willing to help, that sets the ReallySocial service apart from other marketing agencies.

Prévost, Peterborough

*10.3% increase in like-for-like sales July 2018 - June 2019 including 4% natural growth.