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Footfall: Increased by 29%

Ad Spend £50.00

Advert Views: 56, 207

Users Engaging: 1,810

Social media has helped give us a massive footfall.
— Mahbu Noor, owner

For most restaurants, Friday and Saturday nights are generally very popular but driving tables at other times of the week can prove to be more tricky. Three Spices in Ruddington, home to a winner of Curry Life’s Best Chef award, was keen to capitalise on their success to increase bookings, with weekend nights already full, the key to extra profitability lied in growing the midweek trade.

Over an 8 month period we showcased their high quality food, service and great reviews to those in the local area to ensure they were the ‘first choice’ Curry restaurant for midweek dining, special occasions and those who love great food!

Tuesday nights are now one of the most popular days of the week with customers now struggling to get a table and Monday nights following closely behind, at weekends customers must now book weeks in advance to get the coveted 7pm and 8pm tables times.

Restaurant owner, Mahbu Noor said “Our next project is to work closely with the team at Really Social to grow our Sunday evening table bookings and online reservations, Sundays are already popular with takeaway orders but definitely quieter in the restaurant. Given the success of our week day nights we’re confident we’ll be able to grow this too.”

Three Spices, Ruddington